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Western Chemical Pumps

Our History

Western Chemical Pumps, Inc. has a rich and storied history dating back to 1947 when it was founded by Orla Watson. A visionary engineer, Watson recognized untapped potential in injection pumps, which drove him to embark on an ambitious endeavor. He crafted five pumps in his basement, incorporating enhancements he believed were vital to the fundamental design. Venturing to the Permian Basin, he found a testing ground near Odessa, Texas.

Though four pumps faltered within a week, the fifth persevered for an entire year, garnering approval from its user who expressed interest in acquiring more. Encouraged by this early success, Watson took a bold step, departing from his corporate position. He leased an aged livery stable in Kansas City, Missouri, and transformed it into a modest machine workshop. This became the birthplace of Western Chemical Pumps, Inc., where we began to fabricate gas-operated injection pumps.

Our Customers


Today, Western Chemical Pumps, Inc. proudly serves customers around the world, having sent our pumps to over 15 countries. While our reach extends far and wide, the majority of our loyal customers are located in the United States and Canada. We are dedicated to providing top-quality products and unmatched service to all of our valued clients.


Our Mission

At Western Chemical Pumps, Inc., our mission is clear: to design and manufacture quality products that embody our three critical points of precision, efficiency, and reliability. We are committed to upholding the high standards set by our founder, Orla Watson, and continue to innovate in the field of injection pumps. Our unwavering dedication to quality and performance is what has made us a trusted name in the industry since 1947.

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